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Kazeem's Portland

What are your three favorite things about Portland?

The people. Inspiring and accessible without the walls of a big city like NYC, London, etc.

The Summers. Clean, fresh and low humidity air. Moved here from NYC tri-state area, so this aspect of life here is truly appreciated. Combined with easy access to nature (parks, ocean, trails, etc.) in an urban setting is truly amazing.

The entrepreneurial spirit Is alive. Exciting and optimistic energy fills the air. Plus a sense of infinite possibilities. All the key infrastructural pillars are here – talent, transportation (airport, trains, roads), great landscape, great restaurants, architecture and office spaces, etc.

What are the three things visitors (and residents) absolutely must see or do while theyre in Portland?

The obvious one is food. My personal faves: Ohno Cafe (Breakfast Sandwich #5), Eventide (Lobster Roll), Pai Men Miyake (Pork Buns & the Dry Noodles + wonderfulness), Piccolo (Pasta), and Local 188 (Chicken Livers), just to mention a few.

Southern Maine antique shopping — tons of gems await.

When we say "Beyond Words," what comes to your mind first? 

Love the slogan. Here are the things that come to mind.

  • New Universe (AVATAR)
  • Unmatched Experience
  • Pure Comfort

If you were an item in a hotel, what would you be and why?

A door hanger (Do Not Disturb sign), for its simplicity, graphic design, and unfiltered messaging.

What are you doing when youre not doing what you do?

It’s really hard to shut down completely, which I know is necessary to allow creativity to flourish. But when I really need it, I see a film, especially at the movie theater. 

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