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Shoshannah White


Shoshannah’s practice includes photography, painting, sculpture and public art installation. White’s work has been exhibited widely and is included in many public and private collections. Her public work is sited throughout Maine and her private commissions are installed across the US. She has received grants and awards both locally and nationally and has been selected for international residencies in the Canadian Maritimes and The Arctic Circle. White has been a guest critic, visiting artist, lecturer, juror and has taught workshops in a number of specialized photographic and painting techniques.

Shoshannah’s work will often incorporate reflective or translucent materials (glass, wax, metals) meant to change with light or perspective. Integrating photography into many forms, White works with subject matter often in conversation with environmental and psychological concerns.

Shoshannah works out of her studio in Portland, Maine.

To see more of her work:

Shoshannah White

What are your 3 favorite things about Portland? (What would we describe “Your” Portland…)

Portland’s got a real, urban feel for such a small town. I love both its proximity to the natural world as well as its proximity to urban centers like New York, Boston and Montreal.

Name 3 things you think visitors to Portland must see or do.

I always encourage visitors to catch a ferry out to any one of the islands off the coast of Portland, go to anything at Space Gallery and check out the the Deering Oaks Farmers’ Market in season.

The Press Hotel’s tag-line is “Beyond Words”. Describe what this mean to you.

I think we all communicate non-verbally… visual art is just another way for us to share experience and information.

The Press Hotel is promoting “Inspiration at every turn”.  Tell us what inspires you.

Lately I find myself inspired by science and by engaging with people outside my discipline. Right now I’m working on a project where I’m able to work with scientists, farmers and academics - all looking at the same subject matter from different perspectives. Love it.

Name or describe a few of your artistic influences.

There are so many influences, I can’t possibly narrow it down.

Name another Maine artist to watch. What are they doing that inspires you?

Again, Maine has so many incredibly talented artists. Right now, two photographers that I think are doing interesting work are Johanna Moore and Bryan Graf. Johanna is creating solargraphs from pinhole cameras which are left out in the elements and exposed to light for weeks or months at a time. The light of the sun appears like a collection of drawn lines - each line representing a day’s revolution. Amazing. Bryan is making color photograms exposed in the darkroom through screen material to create overlapping shapes of saturated colors. Beautiful.

When it comes to your creative process, what part do you most look forward to?

I’m solidly a photographer but work in a number of media… I always enjoy digging into a new process or technique.

How is your work different from others who practice the same craft?

I can’t really speak to how my work is different but I one thing I value in my practice is incorporating photography into different media. I consider myself a photo-based artist but work in painting, sculpture as well as other media.

How does living/working in Maine contribute to your creative process?

I value tremendously the art community in Maine. I’ve also been very lucky to have had the support of the Maine Arts Commission which has been helpful on many levels.

Describe the work that will be displayed at The Press Hotel.

The Press Hotel selected twelve prints culled from a number of different series. The work is a combination of landscapes, seascapes and still life imagery.

Are you currently represented by a specific gallery? Explain why or why not.

I currently show with Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells. Corey is an incredible artist himself and has created a gorgeous space which is constantly changing.

Given that your work will be exhibited in the hotel, how do you think this will help you as an artist and what benefits do you feel it will have for the arts community at large?

I’m impressed with the Press Hotel and their commitment to investing in local art - I think it’s great for both the artists as well as visitors. 

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